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Let someone else mind your business with you.

MN Department of Revenue

The Minnesota Department of Revenue manages the state’s revenue system and administers state tax laws. They manage over 30 different taxes and collect over $20.5 billion annually. This money funds education, economic development incentives and grants for businesses, and other state programs and operations.

How they can help:

  • Provides tax information for those starting a business.

  • Manages registration for acquiring a Minnesota Tax ID.

  • Offers educational workshops.

  • Provides resources for calculating sales and use tax rates.

  • Provides information about business taxes and fees.

  • Offers an e-services solution for businesses to file income returns and submit W-2s electronically.


The Procurement Technical Assistance Center’s (PTAC) mission is to strengthen Minnesota’s economy by stimulating job creation, growth, and business retention. To accomplish this goal, the PTAC assists businesses in securing government contracts. Using market identification, registration assistance, contracting regulations/compliance assistance and on-going technical support, PTAC helps businesses navigate through the complicated and difficult intricacies of obtaining federal, state and local government contracts. Staff are located throughout the state and the program operates on a client fee basis.

How they can help:

  • Offers one-on-one consulting assistance with government contracting.

  • Maintains resources to navigate the intricacies of obtaining federal, state and local government contract through registration assistance, contracting regulations/compliance assistance and ongoing technical support.

  • Offers events and training via Meda PTAC Training Series and community partner events.

  • Advises and assists clients in the identification of market opportunities as well as the preparation and proper submission of applications, certifications, and registrations necessary for them to do business with government entities.




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